Hosted in Boston, we offer a selection of Spirit and Cocktail led masterclasses, hosted by our brilliant bar team. Whether you’re looking for an introduction into the world of mixology or looking to explore your favourite spirit in a bit more depth our experienced staff will guide you through the session, discussing taste, techniques and how these are brought together to craft individual drinks. Our Masterclasses are a great way to add something interesting and engaging to a corporate event or away day and are the perfect experience to bring friends together for a special occasion.


Cocktail Masterclasses

Always wanted to know how to craft the perfect Espresso Martini (and how to make a great one at home)? Looking for a little more magic in your Mojito? Maybe you just want a little insight in to the world of Mixology and how the team in Boston crafted the Fancy Cocktail list? You’re in the right place. Our cocktail masterclass can be tailored to taste and experience. You and your guests will enjoy a complimentary Fancy Cocktail from our signature menu on arrival before discover the secrets behind your favourite cocktails, learn all the tricks of the trade, then get behind the bar and have a go yourself!

Please note that we only run masterclasses for groups of 5 and maximum of 15 people.

Spirit Masterclass

Our Spirit Masterclasses run for 90 minutes or two hours. Focusing on your spirit of choice, enjoy a drink on arrival before being led through the origins and explore the history of your favourite liquor! Our core focus is on Whisk(e)y and Gin but our Masterclasses can be adjusted to taste and customized to focus on your favourite tipple. You’ll try several varieties of your chosen spirit that feature in our drinks and if you’re feeling brave, be able to step behind the bar and have a go at crafting the perfect cocktail!